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What is SEO, How it works & its techniques

June 8, 2019

What is SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of the technique used as part of Social Media Marketing – the way people interact & communicate online utilizing platforms developed specifically for Marketing.

SEO means marketing to Internet user through natural search engine result page listings. In simple terms, it involves 

  • A user typing words (known as keywords)
  • Into an input space (called a search box)
  • Through usage of search technologies (crawling and indexing)
  • Delivering the best matched Web links (known as organic search results)
  • Displaying paid web links (known as PPC i.e. Pay Per Click)


importance of seo

SEO is about bringing customers through your doors . The objective is to generate awareness for your brand, website by:

  1. Gaining attention through content relevance
  2. Keyword prominence
  3. Link building
  4. Web page tag management
  5. Search indexing
  6. User experience impact

Below elements are essentially the set of key differentiators;

  1. Convenience – available online and accessible real-time
  2. Variety – multiple content and access options
  3. Cost – price points depending on content
  4. Communication – interactive expert session / peer reviews
  5. Customization – title aggregation possibilities

How Search Engine Optimization works :

  1. Crawling and indexing – search engine crawls and index the billions of websites, their content and other files which typically would not be easy to access by a common user.
  2. Mapping the relevant content – includes ranking the crawled and indexed content with pre-defined parameters to filter and present the most relevant answers to a particular query put up by the user through keywords.

SEO techniques are:

When it comes to generating traffic through links, marketers need to choose between White hat or Black hat for building strategies to elevate their marketing effort.

blackhat vs whitehat seo

WHITE HAT SEO – emphasizes a strategy that follows google’s rules – specifically in terms of quality content.

It includes those practices which are in line with how SEO compares websites to showcase authority in their domain are knows as white hat SEO.

Practices – Useful content, Web pages, Good quality

BLACK HAT SEO – Black hat takes a complete 180 route, opting for a more aggressive approach that isn’t afraid to bend the rules.

Those techniques which search engines find manipulative & violates webmaster guidelines are Blackhat SEO.

Practices : Keyword stuffing, cloaked pages, paying for link building

on page optimization

On page Optimization – activities which can be executed on the Web pages themselves for SEO.

Activities includes – keyword development, meta-tag management, improvement of quality content, search indexing

off page seo or optimization

Off page Optimization – activities that took place outside web pages which can’t be controlled just thorough Web page. Includes – popularity in direct guest blogging, social reputation, link building.

SEO Do’s & Don’ts to follow:

  • Your site needs to be optimized to get found when your prospects are searching for your products by using a keyword.
  • Create a sitemap for your website
  • Add a Google sitemap on your website
  • Make sure that coding is not blocking search engine robots from crawling the site
  • Use tools like to verify the competitiveness of your keywords
  • Make sure the keyword is in the first paragraph of the copy and 2% of the text in the first paragraph should be keywords. Google especially expects around 2% of the copy content to be a keyword for indexing that page for it.
  • Submit all keyword centric web page URLs to search engine: in addition to the homepage URL
  • Create a blog of each keyword and write blogs often and make sure that web page address is mentioned in the blogs.
  •  Join forums and mention your web page address when appropriate.
  •  Monitor page ranking of each keyword regularly & track progress
  •  Check your competitors and see what they are doing differently.

Although white hate takes longer to see the results, the strategy focuses on improving your search performance through quality content while playing nice with Google – an alley no one can afford to lose.

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    Eun Klipp

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