Leadership – & its style

June 1, 2019


Martin Luther King Jr,”A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus”. A leader’s job is not to do work for others, it’s to help others to figure out how to do it themselves and to succeed beyond what they thought possible. 

A leader who drives leadership standards and these standards actually differentiate between a leader and a follower. 

There are some prominent protocols of a leader-

a) Adaptability – is being able to react & absorb change. It includes fighting emergencies, switching gears & innovating ideas & continuous learning, adapting to different cultures. 

b) Resilience – is being able to recover & bounce back to a prior positive state or equilibrium when confronted with jolts. 

c) Agility – is proactively sensing & re-directing to chart a new path to success by building new capabilities & stop doing what no longer creates value. 

Resilience in Leadership

Some of us always foresee to become an effective manager & to achieve it we set some characteristics for our self. 

How’ver I would strongly suggest you not to become:

a) A Turtle : taking no responsibility when things go bad & tendering to pass the buck but first to ask for a pat on the back when all go well. 

Turtle v/s Giraffe

b) A Speculator : expects his people to know everything well in advance without giving them enough content for it, if that is the case then he is setting you up to fail. 


How to upscale leadership: 

Every firm follow different norms to upscale their managers & their leadership style. I found some of them which must be implemented in every organization:

a) LDP Program: This program is built for middle level managers to enhance resiliency, acting systemically, agility & communication. The program is  very intensive & curriculum duration depends on organization to organization.

Leadership Development ProgramThe one I participated was of 2 years – 2 assignments of 6 months in different department to enhance domain knowledge and 1 year is focused solely on people management.

This platform helps middle managers to bridge gap between senior management and Clients, to create seamless experience for everyone. 

b) Training: Corporate training’s like Project management, Soft skills – Verbal & Non-verbal, stress management should be organized for middle level managers. These training will help them to improve & manage efficiently.

Similarly, they will get to know the challenges at their level & how to outperform on those. 

Employee Training

c)360 degree Survey: It is a feedback & appraisal tool which gathered impartial data from an employee, employer & subordinates. How’ver the frequency might differ from an organization to organization but for better results, it should be organised once in 2 months. It will give managers enough scope to work on their improvement areas.

360 degree Feedback

This tool empowers employee however misuse of it can cause serious repercussions on one’s career. Hence, it should be well-organised and planned by senior management with clear vision and objective. 

d) Talk to leaders: These can be monthly or quarterly sessions hosted by senior leads for the middle level managers to share their experiences, challenges and organization’s vision / mission.

These sessions can pave the way towards success by keeping manager’s goals inline with organization goals.

Like today every organization is striving towards digitization, data analytics, hence knowledge transfer on such topics can help them to be digitally enabled managers & can create healthy competition in the market. 

Leadership Traits

e) Role play it aims to changing one’s behavior. To assume a role either unconsciously to fill a social role or consciously to act out an adopted role.

Perspective leads should play a manager role & should be empowered with all authorities of a manager. This activity will help them to encounter challenges & their thought process whether it is progressive or conservative to overcome those.

And it’ll highlight the level of improvement that they might need before they positioned as a manager. 

Growth Leadership

I strongly believe & recommend that leadership is a responsibility more than a designation which aims to pioneer other’s career.

I would recommend you to read Penelope Trunk’s post wherein she has put her thoughts on leadership matrix in a straight forward manner. She also concluded that risk takers are the ones who will rule the next generation.

Risk takers meant for those who work in uncomfortable situation, work with those who hate them and perceive creativity and modernism.



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