Leadership & its key standards in the workplace

October 10, 2019

Before we know about Leadership Standards, it is good to know about some key traits of a successful leader followed by Leadership through this post … Leadership & its style


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Leadership is the ability to:

  • To develop a vision for change / improved outcomes 
  • Mobilize/support others to develop 

Purpose of leadership standards :

  1. Aspiring and serving Middle leaders 
  2. To further enhance leadership programs
  3. Promote open and honest surroundings with the support of ethical standards 
  4. Create opportunities for current and potential leaders 
  5. Ensure the efficient and effective use of resources to support organization goals 


Leadership standards are those practices/processes one’s follows to deliver/manage something. It is an ability or quality way of doing. 


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Leadership standards can help you to serve your clients and organization better with the virtue of attainment of your personal goals:

          1) Empower people:   

           Empowers the teams to work collaboratively with their co-partners to achieve superior results. 

  • building talent and teams that inspires a culture of meritocracy and transparency
  • People should uphold themselves to the highest ethical standards. Don’t micromanage – that’s another motivation killer
  • Provide consistent coaching & feedback to your team members to promote their continuous growth
  • Building a diversified talent pool with equal rights and responsibilities 
  • Recognising, rewarding people based on their performance 
  • Empowering someone means to be a giver. So that they feel connected to you, appreciated by you


       2) Creating value for clients:

       The value doesn’t refer to price. It refers to the perceived benefits received in the context of price.

Perceived value = Perceived benefit / cost

There are some key factors that can bring value to your clients – 

  • Points of differentiation 
  • Service
  • Quality 
  • Branding 
  • Cost
  • Existing relationship and experience 

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This principle believes in:

  • Anticipating, understanding & exceeding the client’s expectations and needs
  • Delivering unbiased advice, products, and services 
  • Generating positive and economic value for clients, government and communities 
  • Bring the best of your services & products to create a seamless and prime experience for your clients/stakeholders
  • Market competitiveness, knowledge of market trends can further create value & goodwill within clients. 


      3) Collaboration :

      Working in a group to achieve common organizational goals. 

Bring collaborative means paying attention to verbal and non-verbal cues and then learning how to speak directly to resolve issues. 

Delegation and team management are also important factors to drive successful collaboration. Timely delegation can bring great success in the workplace. 


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  • Challenging self and colleagues to a higher level of performance 
  • Actively listening and engaging in constructive dialogue 
  • Treats people with respect and assumes the intention of others are based on common goals 
  • Every decision should be taken to the standard of the highest integrity 


         4) Change Management :

Change Management as defined by Josef Prosci – It is the process, tools & techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcomes. 

It is more of transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations for a better world. It fosters a culture of high standards, pushes for progress, embraces change and challenges the status quo. 


To read more about change management, read more about this blog:



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  • Communicates a vision that is forward-looking 
  • Inspires enthusiasm & mobilizes resources for productive and innovative change
  • Exhibits confidence and agility in challenging times 
  • Sets a positive tone while implementing any change initiatives. Every layer of the organization must be involved with clear cut objectives


        5) Ethical & sustainable results :

        We are referring to the way people behave at the workplace, how they are doing their work & the values that they demonstrate through their actions at the workplace. 

This principle sets the standards & achieves performance objectives by creating a clear path toward ethical standards. 


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  • Contact communication is required to talk about ethical standards laid by an organization to make sure that these are being followed
  • Provides a clear line of sight to the most critical work
  • Set goals and measures progress to ensure the organization is focussed on ethics, execution, and results
  • Expects self and teams to consistently meet expectations 


    There are a few elements that comprise the ethical rock of an awesome organization:


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