Delhi, IND

Hi Guys ... Welcome to Myself Shilpa Meena, born & raised in Delhi, India. I am a Finance skilled professional. Graduated in English (Hons.), MBA in International Business. I love to theatre, travel & questioned everything. While operating for few years in the corporate sector, I realised to share the inner world of it, the cut-throat competition & work-life balance and few learnings / challenges. And the way hobbies like Travel, Blogging will take you off from of these although for a short while. Though every body has different outlook of looking, wanting & absorbing things thus do I. Hence, I launched in mid of 2018, to share my experience around cosmic corporate world, modern finance gimmick & of course some enthralling travelling snapshots. Do like, share & suggest on my posts that will prompt me to put my experience in writing.

Inbound is a method of engaging and delighting people to grow business that provides values and builds trust. The inbound approach of doing business in a more human and helpful way.

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Email marketing certification enables to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business – a strategy that is human and helpful and builds trust with your contacts.

It is about content management, segmentation of buyer persona and fundamentals of email marketing.

Email Marketing

With Google Analytics, you can track who your website visitors are, how they come to your site, and how they interact with your website’s content.

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